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Equipment For Weaving Kente

For you to weave kente, you need to set up an equipment called ” Loom”. The kente cloth is woven on a narrow horizontal wood structure called a loom. The loom is made with four logs and two of the logs have two arms made with wooden board nailed to it and grounded.
The pictures below are the images of the loom.

A heddle is an integral part of a loom. Each thread in the warp passes through a heddle, which is used to separate the warp threads for the passage of the weft. The typical heddle is made of cord, and is suspended on a shaft of a loom. Each heddle has an eye in the center where the warp is threaded through. As there is one heddle for each thread of the warp, there can be near a thousand heddles used for fine or wide warps. A handwoven tea-towel will generally have between 400 and 500 warp threads, and thus use that many heddles.
For you to weave using the loom, you must make sure the warp threads are moved up or down by the shaft. This is achieved because each thread of the warp goes through a heddle on a shaft. When the shaft is mounted the heddles are too, and thus the warp threads threaded through the heddles are raised. Heddles can be either evenly or unevenly distributed on the shafts, depending on the pattern to be woven. In a plain weave or twill, for example, the heddles are equally distributed.
The other equipments that you will need for weaving kente are:
1. Bobbin
2. Tape measure
3. Iron rod
4. Sticks
5. Shattle

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How to make kente clothes designs and styles

Making kente designs and styles requires a special skill and training!! Making the designs and styles are not difficult but requires much efforts!
Below are some of the kente designs and styles!

The designs are used for making the styles!
To know how to create these designs and styles, like and comment!

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